Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Now in My World with Louise Hay

Louise Hay in Now in My World

“I Love My Body”, Louise Hay's book a 30 day program, this is what is Now in My World. Each day in front of the mirror you are supposed to do the day in question which consists of an affirmation with an added section under it. You verbally do it 10 times in the morning and in the evening, you can also write it out 10 times in the day once. The image below is from the window of Cecil John Rhodes bedroom at Groote Schuur, symbolising the opening of a window or door to a new way of life, a change in direction, the door has opened.

Changes in My World Now with Louise Hay

I have noticed the difference already, I am on day 20 now, I was struggling to express my thoughts its all seems to come out naturally, flowing. You will find certain ones will cause a reaction in you, obviously on the certain chakra points which are blocked be it the heart, with claustrophobia feelings. You can go back to certain ones that you have a reaction to, they obviously need more work on them, you can make notes on which ones cause a reaction. When I got to the “I Love My Glands” the strangest thing happened, my right hand side gland was swollen and swore and on the side of my throat. There is a connection, there is a small chakra on either side of the throat. Love Your Body click hereLouise Hay

Affirmations Now in My World with Louise Hay

You will find it is best to do all the affirmations in front of a mirror, amazingly I was told to do mirror work by a psychic 4 years ago, now I am really doing it, it comes when you are ready for it. "I Love My Body" found me, it is an old book, I got it at the Tears bookshop, the animal charity.

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