Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books on Past Lives

A bit about some of the books I am reading in My World, Past Lives

I am all into reading about past lives, future lives and transitions on when we die, sounds a bit morbid but I am finding it so fascinating. I have read three books from Dr Brian Weiss, “Many Lives Many Masters” “Same Soul Many Bodies” still busy with this one, also “Only Love is Real”. It is quite comforting also to read books on the afterlife as you transition on leaving this world as we know it. It set your mind at ease to no you don't have to fear death, you will be met by a loved one or someone close to you helping you with your transition, your soul is eternal. Talking to Heaven by James van Praagh has also calmed a fear I had on my beloved parrot and what happens with him. He says that your pet will be there with you or will join you once he passes over. Fascinating also that people close to you or family have possibly been with you in past lives.

A few other books on past lives that have crossed my pathway:

Journey of the Soul, Michael Newton Embraced by the Light, Betty J. Eadie, who writes on her near death experience, fascinating account of all the messages she was given and how it changed her life. I feel drawn to these books or else they are put in my pathway.

Some more on Past Lives the CD's

I have got all three of the Past Lives Regression CD's of Dr Brian Weiss, 1. Spiritual Progress Through Regression 2. Regression Through the Mirrors of Time 3. Regression to Times and Places They all have a Healing Meditation on and then the Regression track. The first one the Spiritual Regression audio leads you to a childhood experience, in the uterus as well. The other track is the healing one to an island of healing with crystal waters and dolphins. The second one again childhood memories but he guides you with mirrors of light to ancient times and places. The third one he uses suggestions of geographical places to trigger past life memories, with accompanying track healing with positive energy. I keep falling asleep with the regression of the past life, I am not sure if I am still getting the benefit of it. If anyone knows please let me know how I can stop falling asleep when I do the regression. Please leave a comment on how I can alleviate this and get the benefit of remembering past lives.

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