Saturday, May 19, 2012

Books Now in My World

Now in My World and Books

Robin Sharma’s book the Saint, the Surfer and CEO; I spoke about it in the last post that I had started reading this book. This book of this wonderful man really resonated with me. I just loved the Monk that Sold the Ferrari but this is my next best one. The CEO bit I need to work through still. I have drawn a Mind Map of the 3 on separate sheets. It is easy to forget things so this is a way to remember easier of course I highlighted the book to death as is the other book. It is just easier when you go to read it or find something that you want to refresh your mind with.

Stained Glass Window in books Now in My World

I loved the stained class window on how we all perceive this world and everything very differently it all filters through our own stained glass window, where our own life experiences colors it, our lessons are embedded bad experiences, just brilliant to make sense of this. I like when you can associate things like this. We all look at a coffee mug and see it differently or have a different view of what it represents. For you or me, my mug may represent a time in my life when I worked on cruise ships, to someone else it might represent a TV series, I have one of those NYPD police mug, see I can’t even tell you what it says on it. To me I connect it with a cruise ship I was working on at the time out of New Jersey, the Voyager. Someone else will just see it as a blue mug, or as oh wow its from New York.

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