Thursday, April 19, 2012

Books in My World Now

MY World Now at the moment

I am reading the Byron Katie book “I Need Your Love – Is That True?” it has the 4 questions like in the first book “Loving What Is”. It has lots of stories of different people so something will jump out at you that applies in your life, or else you can turn around your questions and work through your blocks in your life. You need to love yourself first, it all boils down to you, its not there problem but your problem, they are mirroring you. Love is all there is.

Another book in My World Now

I keep finding these books, today I started on Robin Sharma’s book “The Saint, the Surfer and the CEO. I have already read and loved his first book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, if you have never read this; this is brilliant for all the title sounds a bit naff. The second book was on my wish list and I walked in a 2nd hand bookshop and there it was waiting for me, thank you very much universe for your help. It looks to be a very inspiring book, I will write more about it next time round.

More on Now in My World

I finally got around to going to a Ayurveda doctor to find out what my dosha is, I always thought I was pitta but turns out I am Vata. So as it is coming up to winter in lovely South Africa I need to keep warm and eat warm food. I always feel the cold badly no matter where I am, I worked on cruise ships for 18 years in the casino and boy did I feel the cold with all that air conditioning going 24/7. I wore tracksuits when not working always made sure I had a comforter when I joined a new ship, if it was not one of these new ones that provided them. Even when I worked in the casino I would feel the cold, luckily towards the end of my ship time we wore like polystyrene blouses, which at least kept you, warm. The doctor also suggested I massaged myself before my shower or bath with sesame oil; I could add essential oils to add aroma to it. I was a bit skeptical at first about my hair as I have white (grey) hair that is quite fine. (I always had oily hair). No it has been a week and so far my hair does not look all greasy it is fine, not sure about in the hot summer time. I am continuing on in My Journey where it will lead me I am sure is simply within me. As Adyashanti says: “We are Sense Organs for the Divine”. You can see some of his Youtube clips on the side for Adyashanti a wonderful wise American spiritual leader, he says it so simply and beautifully.

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