Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Affirmations Now in My World

Affirmations Now in My World

I am changing a few of my Affirmations that I use Now in My World, I discovered this new one “I am inexhaustibly wealthy” I quite like this. I watch Doreen Virtue one video clip on her weekly readings she said, “I trust”, that’s a biggie in many ways. We tend to be not so trusting in many ways. I am still listening to the CD of Whispers of Spirit and Happiness, my parrot loves the one that says I am a child I can change my mind, children change there minds.

Affirmations from Robin Sharma Now in My World

I still use Robin Sharma’s affirmation, I quite like it “I am more that I appear to be, all the worlds strength and power rests in me”, a great one. “I am a genius and I apply all my wisdom” from Dr Demartini the Breakthrough Experience. I have been doing this until I got to do the breakthrough, I discovered something I did not like but it is a trait we all possess unfortunately. We tend to judge people by their nationality, which is so judgmental, and prejudice. I was doing it on my dad, but discovered that we all have some kind of prejudice within us, if we only take a look you will see it, be it about fat or thin people, someone with a big belly.

Now in My World Affirmations

I am still working on all those affirmations in My World Now and busy with the Breakthrough Experience. I am also listening to Whitney Houston The Bodyguard soundtrack, that voice is so amazing, bless her.What a scary thing really Whitney Houston dead, she was such a talent Whitney. Affirmations we are perfect as we are.

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