Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hindu Philosophy Now in My World

How I discovered Hindu Philosophy Now in My World

I have been buying these Hindu Philosophy books for no known reason other than I have been attracted to them for the last few years. I even did not read a lot I just had them for some unknown reason. I could not quite grasp why I kept looking at these old Hare Krishna books, even the Gita and buying some as well. All this was awfully puzzling as I was leaning towards all the Dalai Lamas books and going to singing bowl meditation, monk talks, I have loads of Buddha’s as well, another attraction. I also did a 10-day Vipassana retreat in 2009, which turned, around my life for the better.

More on Hindu Philosophy Now in My World

So here and now why was I attracted to buying these books for a year prior to joining a Practical Philosophy group, which strangely enough is in the street name that my sister-in-law called my niece after? It is an unusual name as well as I walked in to see my favorite paintings on the wall of Botticelli. What was more interesting is as the year unfolded it seemed to follow the eastern Philosophy or early Hindu teachings. Amazing how you are lead to these things, someone else is directing your life almost, leading you to where you are supposed to be.

What Hindu Philosophy Now in My World I am reading

I am currently reading “Daily Readings” of Sivananda or I should say Swami Sivananda, he seems to resonate with me, like Eckhart Tolle teachings, Adyashanti, Sant Mat. My Journey continues, my parrot loves me reading the Gita to him. I also just got introduced to Yoga Nidra, again eastern philosophy practise.

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