Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December in My World

I am aware it is December in My World

I know it is December, everyone shopping for Xmas presents in My World, but does it matter to me, NO. It is lovely for children, but for me it was never very important, I see it as so commercial, that is my viewpoint. My sister-in-law loves all this, buying presents, the meals, me it is suppose to have deeper significance. I worked on cruise ships for 18 years so that was just hard work time, even when I worked land-based casinos it was busy time.

Lovely Rose in December in My World

See this lovely rose I have been doing the Robin Sharma the Monk who Sold the Ferrari's meditation with the heart of the rose, this one is one of the stems that rooted and grew into this amazing small rose bush. So it is just showing me that it is all in the mind if you believe you can do something you can. I believed it would grown and it did, my dad said of no it would not.

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