Monday, October 17, 2011

Labyrinths in My World

My World with these Labyrinths

I discovered this little book in a secondhand bookstore called Labyrinths & Mazes of South Africa by Marielle Renssen. I put it down then ended up going back to pick it up, I guess it follows on from my fascination with Sacred Geometry. I then went on a retreat in the Karoo and there was a labyrinth on this olive farm near Vanwyksdorp, it is in the book as well. I then did one at Clovelly, Joanna Castle labyrinth of indigenous grasses, it was slightly overgrown when I did it, but in the book it says that it is one of the grids of energy meridians. Quite fascinating really…

Another of these Labyrinths in My World

Now I have just walked another Labyrinth at Bodhi Kaya (a Buddhist retreat venue) also on a retreat, this one was so amazing with all these little worms, you really had to concentrate not to step on them, they were sunbathing or really eating all the succulents. The outside had all kinds of lavender; the inner circle had these gorgeous vibrant orange flowers. There were all little lizards whizzing in and out of the labyrinth into the flowers and butterflies as well, of course some bees busy working away getting there pollen.

My World and the carry on with the Labyrinths

So I will make it my mission to do more of these Labyrinths in the book, work my way through them, amazingly in Cape Town there are quite a lot. The book also talks about Table Mountain energy and that the nodal point of the ley lines form a 3m eight petal flower. So my journey continues with the Labyrinths.

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