Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finding the Truth in My World today

Seeing the truth in My World

I am reading Robin Sharma’s Discover Your Destiny with the Monk who Sold his Ferrari; I have read the earlier original book brilliant concepts for changing your life. In this book he talks about the movies the Matrix, I was thinking oh I got to get this out from the video shop but then later it came to me that I probably have it right under my nose and if I only took a look it would be there. Yes I did have it, like so many other things I have found they are right under my nose. How many other things in life have I missed like this by not realizing it was right here? Anyway back to the Matrix, he says its one of the best Philosophy movies every made, did I look at it with different eyes at this time of my life. I like the one with the red and blue pill and it’s all up to you with your choices, living as you have always lived or step up to your biggest life. Wow, pretty powerful really, also how we buy into the perception of how things are meant to be, by our parents, teachers, and how wrong it really is or how untrue this is. We are all destined for bigger things in life as long as we tap into it.

My World, the truth of perception

I then found this book Water Logic by Edward de Bono, my sister mentioned to me, I loved Dr Emoto’s The Secret Life of Water and I had seen a movie on water by Russian scientist. In the Water Logic he talks about the perception we all have say you see a house and how we all have different thoughts or perceptions. I have only started reading it but it looks quite brilliant about rock logic and water logic, water is always flowing if we could get life to flow likes this it would be brilliant.

The Truth in My World with ear

Another great little find is a book by Swami Venkatesananda, “Living Meditation”; it starts with this I will put a small excerpt in. When I have learned what it is to learn, then it is possible to look at the question itself and find the answer. It is quite easy. What do you find common in these two words, ‘hear’ and ‘learn’? EAR. There is an ear in the word ‘hear’ and there is an ear in the word ‘learn’. So I must find the ear, which hears, not the ones on the side of my face. This is a piece of flesh, and in spite of the fact that they are kept ever open by the Creator, we often close them inwardly. The heart of the word ‘heart’ is also ear; the very soul of the heart is ear. So hearing is not done by this hole in the side of your face, but hearing is really done by the heart. If I know how to hear with my heart then I learn. The learning ear is in the heart. Beautiful in its TRUTH......

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