Thursday, September 15, 2011

My World in Accepting What Is

Accepting What Is

Today I am Accepting What Is, easier said than done, still working on it, people mirror you, so its really you that need to work on you. I was talking to a friend and she get saying to me she could not understand how I gave up working on cruise ships and all that freedom. Well I sat there, I really did not even want to talk about it, now I need to accept that maybe I need to figure out why it was annoying me, other than my blog on cruise ship jobs I have moved on, shifted my energy into another direction. I need to observe and see that this is mirroring and not resist it.

Funny Accepting What Is

The funniest thing was I went for a walk and seen this little girl with a puppy, very young small fluffy one, with a pretty pink lead strapped around, she was carrying him. This little girl was walking if front of her mom, she then put the puppy down and said to him “come on try walking, you can do it”. I could not stop chuckling the puppy gazed up in its innocence. The puppy was accepting what is just as nature intended. After that I heard I carried on walking a few minutes later I heard this rustling in the trees high above I seen a poor squirrel with a small bag of crisps stuck on the front of his face, he was panicking. Poor thing, he was falling about struggling to get it off, once he came to stillness he managed to get it off. The lesson there, in the stillness, it all became so easy.

Accepting What is and money

I heard this expression today, “Everything I touch makes money”, or was it “Everything I touch is successful”. Is that not great the belief in themselves and accepting what is as a fact, absolutely amazing? If we could all just have that belief and surrender to the universe. I do Deepak Chopra’s The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, to create success in all areas of your life, so today I am on day 4, which is The Law of Least Effort. I just love working through his books I did the on Synchro Destiny for a couple of years, brilliant book and all the things started to evolve from there. Love and Gratitude

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