Monday, September 19, 2011

My World and Bees

My World today watching bees on the Lavender

I watched how the bees get pollen from the lavender flowers, absolutely fascinating to watch. My parrot is fascinated as well, I guess he is mirroring me, I take him out to get some fresh air and sun.
As far back as I can remember my dad's hobby was beekeeping, we always had bee hives on the property. I can't ever remember getting stung by bees but I have always been very aware of them. I am amazed how hard they actually work, and from that we get natural honey as a result of this, something so sweet with all the different tastes. It depends on the area and what flowers are in abundance. Now as I watch they have moved on to a bright orange nasturtium plant.

My World Now today Deepak Chopra

Today I am on the Law of Intention and Desire, I am getting there, still working on this week after week, I need to surrender to it. I am working on changing.....

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